Magic Rust Converter 170ml

SGD 14.00

Mr McKenic® –Magic Rust Converter is a supreme product that converts rust (new and old) into a protective black polymeric coating that adheres firmly to metal surfaces, preventing further corrosion. In most cases, end users remove the rust from the metal surface by sand-blasting/grinding. Despite the tediousness of the procedure, rust resurfaces within a short period of time as the surface is still exposed to elements of environment, mainly moisture and oxygen. Mr McKenic® –Magic Rust Converter offers an effective yet simpler procedure by converting the existing rust into an inert coating that seals up the metal surface from moisture and oxygen. After the conversion, there exists a strong molecular bondage between the converted layer and metal surface, making it very difficult to be removed. As a result, the rust stops spreading and the duration of protection is much extended. It makes a wonderful ‘touch-up’ tool where re-painting may not be required. However, for aesthetic purposes, surface can be painted over. Product features: - Convert Rust to a Tough Black Coating to Give Better Wear and Tear Protection - Provides Long Term Indoor or Outdoor Protection - Easy Application - Ready to Use - Saves Time and Labour - Non-Flammable Application for use: Mr McKenic® -Magic Rust Converter can be used on any metal surface being corroded. It is widely used in maintenance workshops, oil rigs, military vehicles, onboard vessels, shipyards, metal tanks and piping in refineries etc. Direction for use: 1) Remove all loose rust with a wire-brush. Scrap off to a thin layer before application if the rust is too thick. 2) Ensure that surface is cleaned and oil-free before application. 3) Shake Bottle well before use. 4) Using a brush or roller, apply a generous layer of Mr McKenic® -Magic Rust Converter onto the rusty surface. 5) Leave it for at least 8 hours to cure thoroughly. To accelerate curing process, apply & leave it under the sun. 6) For maximum protection, apply 2 layers of coats. 7) If re-painting is required, apply 1 coat and paint over. 8) For much enhanced protection, apply Mr McKenic® -Zinc Galvanising Compound. Storage Keep in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Do not expose to temperature exceeding 50°C. Once opened, try to finish the product. For unfinished product, tighten the cap immediately and put back to store/refrigeration. Watch video on how to apply:

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