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GK Concentrate™ (Floral) 5L

SGD 40.00

GK Concentrate™ can kill 99.99999% of bacteria with its broad spectrum bactericidal activity. Its multi-action formula cleans and disinfects all surfaces, actively removing dirt and contaminants to leave surfaces hygienic and clean. EFFECTIVE AGAINST: Gram-negative bacteria (P. Aeruginosa) Gram-positive bacteria (Staph. Aureus) Mould & mildew PRODUCT FEATURES: Light detergent action Works against mould and mildew Sanitises laundry Destroys bad odour at source Safe for daily use Refreshing floral fragrance Certified under ""Singapore Green Label"" Complies with NSF guidelines for use in food processing establishments Watch video on how to apply: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OKNowApbWU

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