GK Concentrate Citronella 5 L
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GK Concentrate Citronella 5 L

GK Concentrate™ (Citronella) 5L

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*Dilute GK Concentrate™ with water and Use it as a Surface Disinfectant.* GK Concentrate™ with natural citronella is a premium water-based disinfectant with broad spectrum bactericidal action that kills 99.99999% of germs. This multi-action formula cleans and disinfects all surfaces, leaving a long lasting citronella fragrance that keeps insects away. It is non-irritating to skin, making it safe for daily use and on fabrics. EFFECTIVE AGAINST: Gram-negative bacteria (P. Aeruginosa) Gram-positive bacteria (Staph. Aureus) Mould & mildew PRODUCT FEATURES:  Disinfects, deodorises & protects  Destroys bad odour at source  Works against mould and mildew  Repels Mosquitoes and other insects  Light detergent action  Sanitises laundry  Safe for daily use  High dilution rates  Biodegradable  Non-toxic AVAILABLE SIZES: 500ml 2L 5L Watch video on how to apply: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OKNowApbWU

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