General Liquid Detergent 5L

SGD 10.00

Mr McKenic® – General Liquid Detergent is formulated to remove oils, greases and stains from plates, bowls, etc. Product features: - Fast Action - Low Foaming - Safe to Skin - Contains No Harsh Chemicals - High dilution - Easy Rinsing - No Residues Left Behind - Works Well in Cold or Hot Water Application for use: Mr McKenic® – General Liquid Detergent is widely used in restaurants, hotels, kitchens, hospitals, fast food outlets, bakeries, aviations, marines, camps, etc. Direction for use: 1) Mr McKenic®– General Liquid Detergent can be diluted with up to 3 parts of water, depending on the degree of oils, greases and stains. 2) Rinse off thoroughly with water. 3) Repeat application if necessary.

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