Cream Polisher 500ml

SGD 10.50

Mr McKenic®- Cream Polisher is a premium product which effectively cleans and polishes different surface types such as stainless steel, metal, aluminium and tiles. It is non-fuming and non-corrosive, hence it is safe to use on most sensitive surfaces and will not cause discolouration. Product features: - Cleans & Polishes - Prevents Stubborn Stains - Shines Dull Surfaces Instantly - Clings onto Vertical Surfaces - Safe on Most Surfaces - No Hard Scrubbing Required - Non-Corrosive - Easy to Apply Removes Stubborn Stains Removes carbon deposits, grease from oven grills, stoves, pots and pans with no hard scrubbing and minimal rinsing required. Contains pumice that helps lift up contaminants from porous surfaces. Clings Onto Vertical Surfaces Adheres well to vertical/curved surfaces for efficient cleaning. Suitable for removing water marks and other contaminants from glass panels, mirror, lift panels and many more. Cleans and Polishes in One Step Penetrates and lifts up dirt, grime, scum, rust, scale or oxidation and other contaminants commonly found on surfaces exposed to wet, weathered conditions, bringing back shine to the dull surfaces. Suitable for use in bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor structures, including aluminium cladding on high-rise buildings. Directions for use: 1) This product can be applied directly on most surfaces. 2) Add a small amount of water. 3) Apply Mr McKenic®- Cream Polisher onto target surface. 4) Rub gently and wipe off with a damp cloth or sponge. 5) For rough surfaces, agitate using a soft pad or wire brush. 6) Rinse thoroughly with water. 7) Dry with clean cloth or mop. Note: Always test on a small area when used for the first time on a new surface.

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