Bundle Pack: GK Surface™ Wipes (Floral) (20pc/pack)  Buy 12 packs + 12 @50% off

Bundle Pack: GK Surface™ Wipes (Floral) (20pc/pack) Buy 12 packs + 12 @50% off

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SPECIAL BUNDLE DEAL: BUY 12 PACKS GET ANOTHER 12 PACKS AT 1/2 PRICE!! GK Surface™ Wipes are made with a multi-action formula that has a broad spectrum bactericidal and virucidal action, killing 99.9999% of bacteria. Individually packed for ultimate hygiene and freshness, they are convenient to bring along and ready-to-use. The GK Surface™ Wipes contain no harsh chemicals, and are safe for daily use to clean all hard and non-porous environmental surfaces anytime, anywhere. EFFECTIVE AGAINST: Gram-negative bacteria (P. Aeruginosa) Gram-positive bacteria (Staph. Aureus) MRSA HFMD H1N1 Influenza A Human Coronavirus Mould & mildew PRODUCT FEATURES: Disinfects, deodorises and protects on the go Light cleaning action Up to 24 hours anti-microbial effect Refreshing floral fragrance Individually wrapped for ultimate freshness Watch video on how to apply: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkqyIqNvQzpZHWxzjrucZ4A

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