5-in-1 Surface Cleaner 300ml

SGD 8.50

Mr McKenic®- 5-in-1 Surface Cleaner is a premium grade product for a wide range of surfaces, leaving it smooth and grime free. It has superior cleaning power and leaves a protective film that prevents fingerprints, stains and oxidization from taking place.  By reducing contaminants, the ‘touch screen’ feature of equipments can maintain its sensitivity. Besides glass surfaces, Mr McKenic® 5-in-1 Surface Cleaner is also an excellent protector for most other surfaces types like leather, mirror, rubber, stainless steel, wood, chrome and PVC parts. Product Features: - Cleans, Shines & Protects - Prevents Dust Build-Up - Removes Fingerprint Smudging - Improves Clarity/Sensitivity - Leaves a Smooth Touch - Safe on Most Surfaces - Anti-Static - Non-Abrasive - Non-Flammable - Smudge Resistant Directions for use: 1) Shake well before use. 2) Spray the product over surfaces to be treated. 3) Wipe off and polish with a clean lint-free cloth till dry. 4) Repeat application if necessary. Note: Always apply on a cloth and test it on a small area when using on new surfaces.

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