It's time for spring-cleaning! Here are some tips to make your house clean and bright for the New Year!

Spring-Clean with a breeze!

Removing Dust & Grime

Accumulated dust takes more just than water to remove. Simply spray and wipe with these products.

(usually found after decluttering)

Removing Stubborn Stains

Infrequent cleaning allows dirt to seep into porous surfaces. Try these products to lift up the stains with minimal effort.

Removing Fingerprint Smudges

Touchscreens become less sensitive to touch when fingerprints linger. Use this to ensure clarity & sensitivity.

(natural oil from our fingers causes LCD appear cloudy)

Removing Mould & Mildew

Prolonged storage in damp areas encourage fungal growth, ie mould & mildew. Restore your neglected bags/toys/shoes with care, using our neutral-based cleaners

Removing Rust & Oxidation Stains

We have a few options to remove unsightly stains and/or stop rust from spreading.

(when metal is exposed to moisture and air, rust/oxidation will form)

Removing Stains from Fabrics

Accidental spillage can be tedious and costly to clean up. Try our spot cleaners for quick solutions.

Keeping Indoor Air Fresh & Clean

Regular cleaning of air-con units is essential for better cooling efficiency and improved indoor air quality. This is made easier with our DIY solutions!

Keeping Kitchen Clean & Oil-Free

If you are a minimalist, try our Kitchen Wonder for ALL kitchen surfaces. If you are not, we have your regular cleaners too. :)

Keeping Floors Smooth & Grime-Free

We have ONE floor cleaner for regular mopping ALL floor types and ONE specialty cleaner to lift up grout stains. Try them!


Keeping Equipment Functional

Always cheaper to maintain than to send for repair. DIY today!

Keeping Bathrooms comfortable

We have all the solutions you need here...

Keeping Germs & Bacteria Away

(we carry germs all the time)

Protect you and your loved ones with our premium water-based disinfectants.

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